Kjersten Halvorsen, MA

There is a depth of beauty and artistry embedded in your essence. As an image-bearer of God, you have a uniqueness that is waiting to be discovered, dignity to be restored, and a Kingdom of God purpose to discover. Welcome to the next season of your process!

I come to the table as one who is aligned with Jesus, Father God & Holy Spirit. I come as a cultivator, creative thinker, and kingdom strategist. I am here to partner with you and Jesus as He walks you into the fullness of who He made you to be.


The core of what I offer is partnership with you in alignment with Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. All wisdom, discernment, deliverance, and healing is sourced by Him and comes to fruition as we rise up as His sons and daughters to enter into more wholeness and fullness of life in His kingdom.

Within that context, I've invested in ongoing training & experiences that I will draw on as we work together. 

MA Counseling, Colorado Christian University

BA Biblical Studies & Elementary Education, Crown College

Advanced Deliverance and Inner Healing, Linda Sloan, Transformation Group

Certificate of Spiritual Direction, Larry Crabb, New Way Ministries

Training Seminars, Yvonne Kitchen, Fruitful Vine Ministries


Blessing Your Spirit and other principles & teachings, Arthur Burk, Sapphire Leadership Group

Word Arts Collage, Therapeutic Writing Institute