Every soul has a story...
Find your voice.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Are you looking to connect with God and your story in a way that words can't quite express?

That's exactly where I found myself, years ago. Rife with a keen awareness that there was much more to say than I had words to express. It was in that place that a dear friend introduced me to collage journaling. And I began to find a voice for my soul's story and receive the heart of God for me in the midst of the process. 

It is a true honor to offer the same to you.

Collage journaling is a safe place for you to begin to find a voice for the stories of your soul. A voice that uses images to express what words aren't able to say. A place to release what's been locked down and begin to receive healing and restoration from the immensity of the heart of God for you.

Collaging in a journal format is a simple, yet deeply profound process, approachable for everyone. It is an intuitive, prayerful process that unfolds privately in the pages of your journal. These are not vision boards or art for display. These are authentic, prayerful expressions, welling up from the depths of the soul.

It would be an honor to come alongside you as you find your voice and discover the immensity of God's heart for you. If you are currently working with a counselor or prayer minister, I recommend bringing your collage journal to sessions. Many find collaging to be an integral part of their process. If you are not currently working with someone, let's plan to schedule ministry sessions to pray through your collaging.