Collage Journaling Resources

Supply List

This supply list comes with my personal favorites & is a great place to start. As always, feel free to use whichever supplies work best for you! This pdf also includes a checklist that may be helpful to bring with you when you're ready to purchase a few supplies.


As You Begin...


When you are ready to collage, find a quiet, private space, cover
the surface so you’re free to be expressively messy, and start paging through a magazine. As you scan each page, notice if it evokes an emotional response. If you love an image, are drawn to it, or especially hate it... that’s a good indication that you want to go ahead and pull it out. Try and focus on what feels relevant for today, but know that sometimes you’ll pull images or words to save for later.


Collage journaling, at it’s core, an intuitive process. It’s also a bit backward from typical creative expression. Normally when we want to make something, we start with a plan. That’s not the case with collage. It’s actually counter-productive to collage with a plan in mind. Instead of a plan, you want to start with your heart. You want to get in touch with the emotion, conflict, or pain you’re most aware of in the moment. You don’t have to understand what’s going on, or why you’re struggling. The goal is to let that struggle be expressed on the page. Keep paging through magazines and collecting images and words until you’re ready to make the page.

When you’re ready, begin laying out and gluing the images onto the page. You’ll want to paint a thin layer of ModPodge under and over each image to secure it to the page. As you create the page, consider allowing it to be a prayerful experience of releasing what’s been inside for so long. As you let the page securely hold your pain, invite God to bring His healing and restoration. On a practical note, be sure to have some wax paper on hand. When the ModPodge has dried to the touch, place a sheet of wax paper between the pages to protect it as it fully dries over the next few days.


Once you’ve created your page, find someone safe to process & pray with you. This might be a friend, counselor, life coach...someone you trust to listen well and be curious with you about understanding what you’ve collaged. I can’t stress enough the importance of this part of the process. Creating a collage page and not sharing it with anyone leaves you with an incomplete process. Talking and praying through your collage is deeply healing and restores dignity to you and your story. It breaks down shame and brings in compassion and kindness. It can also literally help your brain process trauma as you put words to the images and and explain what it means to you. Sharing your page with a safe friend, counselor, or life coach brings your story out of isolation and into safe community, which is essential for healing and freedom. Please hear me, this part of the process is vital. Once you’ve created a page, let your voice be heard, understood and validated; and engage in the prayer work to find healing and freedom. If you are looking for someone to process and pray with you, I am available for ministry sessions in person if you are local to Colorado Springs or online via Zoom or Skype.


As you begin to find a voice for the painful realities of your soul’s story, it’s important to create space for God to respond. A response page is a page that expresses God’s heart for you. It’s a place to authentically receive encouragement, hope, or kind truth from the heart of God to you, right where you are. It’s not about simplistic answers or religious denial. It’s not even about making everything better or solving any problems. It’s about asking God (or yourself if it feels better to start there), What do you want me to remember or understand in the midst of this pain? Who do you want to be for me here? What can I hope for as you bring healing and restoration? Start with these kinds of questions and collage a page that represents God’s heart for you.


Keep in mind...Part of the beauty of collage is that it is oftentimes a long-awaited way for your heart to have a voice that it has never had...ever. That’s a big deal! Sometimes when people begin collaging there are a flood of ideas and things and experiences that want to come to the surface. This is where I encourage you to be kind with yourself and know that every part, every single part, of your heart gets to create a page. Even if it’s not today, commit to making time for every part of your heart to have a voice when the time is right. This reassurance will often help to calm things down so that you can focus on the page you are making today.

Another reality to consider is that there might be a lot of fear when you start creating pages. If you find yourself feeling frozen, blank, or highly anxious...start with that reality. Begin by making a page about the frozen, or the blank, or the fear. Then, create a response page, inviting God to respond to you in that place. Allow yourself time to build trust with yourself and with the process of collage journaling. Part of building that trust is letting yourself be right where you are.

It’s also a good idea to pray before you begin and when you’ve finished collaging. Establishing a spiritual covering will help to create the safety needed to freely collage. If this concept is new to you, consider praying something along the lines of thanking God for this ?me to collage and for

being with you. Ask him to protect and cover you and everything that concerns you as you collage today. Give him your “yes” to his best for today, and ask him to bring everything you need (courage, hope, safety, etc.) as you collage. Essentially you’re giving this ?me to him and asking for his protection as you collage. Then when you’re finished, ask him to hold everything you’ve placed on the page until it’s ready for full healing. Cancel any consequences and call in his peace and settling as you move back into your day.


And that, my friend, is how you get started with collage journaling. As you begin, give yourself permission to build trust with the process. Begin right where you are, and move deeper into your soul’s story as you’re ready. If you find yourself stuck, or having a difficult time starting, know that I’d be honored to support you with a coaching session in person or online via Zoom or Skype. Blessings to you as you rise up with courage, finding a voice for the story of your soul. It’s a beautiful, bumpy and brutal process, and it is absolutely worth it!

Standing with you in hopeful anticipation,



What's Next?

A list of questions to help determine which page(s) to work on next.

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