Prayer & Inner Healing Resources

Spiritual Warfare Basics, Setting the Captives Free
Linda Sloan, Transformation Group LLC


This downloadable video is first of several teachings on the basics of spiritual warfare & rising up into your authority in Christ. Linda's Biblically-grounded teaching paired with her authentic joy and passion will help establish and refresh the foundations of your understanding of living life in covenant with God as you pursue your kingdom assignment in this season.

Foundational Truths for a Life of Freedom
Tandy Cowles, Ashes to Beauty LLC


This audio podcast series highlights Tandy's signature teachings that provide foundational truths, strategies, and categories of thinking that will support your healing and restoration process. Tandy has a gift for taking incredibly complex concepts and teaching them in a way that makes them easy to grasp and run with.

 Arthur Burk, Sapphire Leadership Group
Arthur Burk's brilliant & unique perspectives on the journey are go-to strategies that are both outside the typical box & biblically grounded. I highly recommend starting with blessings for your spirit.

Canopy of Protection Prayer
Adapted from Pastor Kay Tolman, Restoration Gateway Ministries

Use this prayer as a starting point to establish and maintain spiritual protection over your home, apartment, office, and/or business.